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Music Resources

La Bamba!

Enrichment exercises for all grades:

Ms. Green's La Bamba Lesson

  1. Watch music teacher Ms. Green's Hello Video (30 seconds). 
  2. Watch the La Bamba music video by Playing for Change (4 minutes). Click or scroll down to play video.
  3. How much did you notice?  Take Ms. Green's super-short La Bamba quiz.
  4. Learn the Spanish lyrics with Richie Valens in this Sing-Along video (2.5 minutes).
  5. Pick your own assignment!

Choose one or more of these activities and adapt them to your own interests

Ms. Green and Students

Ms. Green teaches 4th and 5th-graders to play stringed instruments.


Draw pictures of the instruments in the video and label them. Or draw the flags of the different countries of the performers featured in the videos. Or draw anything inspired by this song. Ask your parents to take a photo to share on the school website (landscape/horizontal photos - please!)

Cleveland Cub artwork

You can learn how to write graffiti-style like Logan's title card, above. For help with lettering, check out this  online graffiti font generator. Just type in the word you'd like to write (like your name, city, or favorite team), then choose a graffiti font style and a color.

La Bamba Graffiti Art

Graffiti art by 4th-grader Logan B.


Make up some cool dance moves while you listen to La Bamba.  After you have practiced your routine and have learned it well, ask your parents to video-tape your dance.

Cleveland Cub videos

Check out 2nd-grader Eleanor's cool dance routine!
Younger siblings can join the fun, too. Watch 2nd-grader Kaya's dance video.

Videos that are uploaded to Google can be shared on the school website. Try to keep videos under 2 minutes.


Share your thoughts in writing. Your written work could range from a few sentences to a multi-paragraph essay (depending on age/grade). 

Some writing prompts: How does this song make you feel? Why do you think it has become so popular all over the world? Write a new verse for La Bamba that reflects your interests. This verse could be funny, sad, or inspirational.

If you would like to share your writing on the school website, please ask your parents to photograph your hand-written page or help you type your essay into a Google doc.

Sharing student work on this website

To share your children's photos and docs: please upload your content to your Google drive (public setting), and send links to your docs and videos to Janet at janetehayes@gmail.comPlease do not attach Word or Pages docs. Only send links to Google docs and videos.

Sending Janet photos directly from your phone also works. Still photos need to be landscape format (horizontal) to work in our website slide shows and galleries. Thank you!