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School Committees

Cleveland's School Site Council (SSC) is a volunteer service committee of elected staff, parents and community members that work together to ensure school funds are used to promote equity in education, in accordance with state and federal guidelines.

To guide investment of Cleveland's school budget, the SSC focuses on areas of greatest needs, including fostering a positive school climate and reducing achievement gaps in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics.

Cleveland's California School Dashboard is an equity report that provides data the SSC uses to guide its decisions.

SSC Meetings are in Room 9 (upstairs in the main building), on the third Wednesday of each month, from 4:30pm-6:00pm. Often SSC meetings are followed by monthly PTA meetings from 6:15-8:00pm, downstairs in the Multi-Use Room (cafeteria).

Cleveland School Site Council

SSC Membership

Cleveland's elected School Site Council includes 10 members: the school principal, 3 teachers, and 1 school staff member (elected by their colleagues). 5 parent and community members are elected by school parents. Under our current by-laws, SSC members serve two-year terms, except for the principal, who is always a member.

We encourage interested people to attend SSC meetings this year to become familiar with issues and committee procedures.

Only elected SSC members can vote, however anyone in the broader Cleveland community is welcome -- and encouraged -- to attend public meetings. Non-members are also needed for sub-scommittees and to help with community outreach.

The SSC needs the insights and participation of the entire Cleveland community. We especially encourage participation from people familiar with the needs of students who are English learners, Newcomers, foster children, students of color, in special education, or from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Membership involves a year-long commitment to: engage at monthly meetings, attend district-wide trainings, and become deeply familiar with data, strategies, and goals for our school's areas of greatest need. Help us build an even stronger and more equitable Cleveland!

For more information on becoming a member of the SSC, please contact School Site Council Chair or Cleveland's Principal, Peter Van Tassel.